Gurgaddi to Bhai Lehna ji

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Gurgaddi to Bhai Lehna jiThe final and historical act was that Guru Nanak Dev Ji gave the Gurgaddi to Bhai Lehna ji (Guru Angad Dev Ji), who was not a relative or a son of the Guru but rather a disciple who had acted on Guru Ji’s teachings without ever questioning them.

He held a big congregation on September 2, 1539, praised Bhai Lehna ji for his single minded devotion and service, and placed five paisas and a coconut before him and put his head at Bhai Lehna’s feet, and called him Angad or part of his own body. Thus, Bhai Lehna became Guru Angad Dev Ji.

This was a unique act in the history of the world religeons, where a Guru bowed at the feet of the disciple and made him the Guru. By doing this he established the unity and the continuity of Guruship – the concept of the continuity of the same spirit. As a result, the succeeding Gurus used the name Nanak in their compositions.